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KIMORA Hasinah

Pure Cotton Maslin Salwar Suit With Digital Print And Parsi Embroidery

Pure Cotton Maslin Salwar Suit With Digital Print And Parsi Embroidery

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TOP :           Pure Cotton Maslin With Digital Print And Placement Parsi Embroidery on Neck & Scalloped Parsi Embroidery on Sleeves.                                                              BOTTOM :   Pure Cotton Satin Crocket lace
DUPATTA :  Pure Chinon With Digital Print And Scalloped Parsi Embroidery

This Pure Cotton Maslin Salwar Suit With Digital Print And  Parsi Embroidery  is a stylish and intricately designed garment that combines various elements for a unique and elegant look.

  1. Fabric:

    • Pure Cotton Maslin: This fabric is made from pure cotton and likely has a smooth and breathable texture. Cotton is known for its comfort, making it suitable for various weather conditions.
    • Pure Chinon: Chinon is a type of fabric known for its lightweight and sheer qualities. It is often made from silk or synthetic fibers that mimic the characteristics of silk. Pure Chinon adds an element of elegance and sophistication to the garment.
  2. Print:

    • Digital Print: The use of digital printing technology allows for intricate and detailed patterns to be printed on the fabric. Digital printing provides vibrant and sharp colors, resulting in a visually appealing design.
  3. Embroidery:

    • Parsi Embroidery on Neck: Parsi embroidery is a traditional form of embellishment that often involves intricate and elaborate designs. Having Parsi embroidery on the neckline adds a touch of cultural and artistic richness to the garment.
    • Scalloped Parsi Embroidery on Sleeves: Scalloped embroidery typically refers to a decorative edging with a series of rounded curves. When applied to the sleeves, it enhances the aesthetic appeal and complements the overall design.
  4. Dupatta:

    • Scalloped Parsi Embroidery on Dupatta: The dupatta, which is a long scarf or shawl, features the same scalloped Parsi embroidery, creating a cohesive look with the sleeves. This adds a harmonious and balanced touch to the ensemble.

In summary, this product is a garment that combines the comfort of Pure Cotton Maslin with the elegance of Pure Chinon. The digital print and Parsi embroidery, especially on the neck and sleeves, contribute to its aesthetic appeal, and the scalloped embroidery details provide a finishing touch. The accompanying dupatta with similar embroidery enhances the overall beauty of the ensemble.


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